RED: The Inspiration

To give some explanation on the title of the series as well as the names of many of the stories within the series, here’s some background.  Both of us are huge fans of the band RED.  When Vera was writing her first story that ended up in this series, she initially titled it after one of RED’s songs because it fit the theme of the story so well.  And then she kept titling her stories after their songs – again, because they fit so well.  And then Vera roped Meg into doing the same thing with her story after she realized her old title didn’t really fit anymore.  So then we thought, what would be a good title for this series as a whole?  Their of Beauty and Rage album has so many songs on it that fit this series, and the title itself sort of encapsulates the essence of the series as well.  So that’s what we did.

But then we had to take it a step further.  We went through all of their songs on every one of their albums, just to see how well they all fit with any of the characters or themes in the series.  Every. Single. One. Fit someone or something for this series.  So you can just go ahead and consider all of RED’s songs as the soundtrack for the series.

Below is the list of all their albums and songs.  If a character’s name is next to it, it means that song fits with them especially well, or if it’s a character pairing (denoted by two names with a / between them) it means it fits their relationship especially well.  Songs that have been bolded have stories named after them.

Note: this list is subject to change as we do more story and character development.

End of Silence

Breathe Into Me
Let Go
Already Over – Lucifer/Caroline
Break Me Down
Wasting Time – Michael+Lucifer
Gave It All Away
Hide – Cecil
Already Over, Pt. 2 – Lucifer/Caroline

Innocence & Instinct

Fight Inside – Damen
Death of Me – Michael+Lucifer
Mystery of You
Start Again – Gabriel/Oliver
Never Be the Same
Confession (What’s Inside My Head) – Damen
Shadows – Vlad/Uriel
Ordinary World
Out From Under – Damen
Take It All Away – Damen, Lucifer/Caroline
Overtake You – Michael+Lucifer
Forever – Raphael
Nothing and Everything – Damen

Until We Have Faces

Feed the Machine
Lie to Me (Denial)
Let It Burn – Lucifer
Buried Beneath – Michael
Not Alone – Uriel/Vlad
Watch You Crawl – Michael+Lucifer
The Outside – Jophiel
Who We Are
Best Is Yet to Come
Hymn for the Missing – Father

Release the Panic

Release the Panic – Michael
Perfect Life
Die for You
Damage – Lucifer
Same Disease – Haniel/Jophiel
Hold Me Now – Cecil
If We Only – Uriel
So Far Away – Raphael
Glass House – Father
The Moment We Come Alive
Love Will Leave A Mark
As You Go – Father

of Beauty and Rage

Imposter – Damen/Dusk
Shadow and Soul – Gabriel/Oliver
Darkest Part – Lucifer/Caroline
Fight to Forget – Oliver
Of These Chains – Vlad/Uriel
Falling Sky – Cecil+Cynder
The Forest – Vlad/Uriel
Yours Again – Michael
What You Keep Alive – Dusk/Damen
Gravity Lies
Take Me Over
The Ever
Part That’s Holding On

Other Songs

Run and Escape – Cecil, Cynder
If I Break – Lucifer
Circles (Working Demo – Instrumental) – Vlad+Uriel+Jophiel