This is Meghan Tremblac and Rachel Brandt, two best friends who are aspiring authors who ended up accidentally creating a beast of a story world together, and now our stories are so intertwined that we had no choice but to make a blog to house it all, because at this point we feel like traditional publishing would probably not want to have anything to do with us.  But that’s cool, because we’re in it to tell our stories and share them with the world.

Meghan Tremblac
When I first saw a photographer’s rendition of historically accurate biblical figures in early 2014 and fell in love with his depiction of Gabriel, I knew I needed to write a story where that Gabriel landed on earth and had crazy adventures with a hooker (not that kind of crazy). November 2014, I finished the first draft of the first story in the angel!verse. Then I started drawing angels and creating angel characters and things escalated from there. Except, I’m a fundamentally lazy worldbuilder. So I enlisted Rachel’s help, and eventually she sidled her angel stories into my universe to avoid doing double work. Fast forward past cameos and stealth crossovers to recently, where beautiful OTPs happened, and I finally realized traditional publication was never going to happen to me.

Rachel Brandt
I wrote a guardian angel slice-of-life story in 2014, and when Meghan wrote her own story for NaNoWriMo the next year and began getting ideas for other stories, I stepped in and started helping her brainstorm and do world building.  Because I had so little world building of my own for my own angel stories, I decided to “borrow” what we had come up with for hers, thinking it’d be fine because our stories are different enough that no one would really notice anyway, right?  Except then we decided to just do little cameos in each others’ stories, small enough that no one would notice.  But then we decided they were actually intrinsically connected and in the same story universe.  And then OTP shipping accidentally happened and that’s how we got to the point we’re at now.

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