Drabble Dump #9 – The Sound of Silence

{Just a couple of long-ish drabbles I wrote based on two of the fallen angels.  The theme I used was “the sound of silence” and this was what I came up with.  They’re depressing af so be warned.}


She was the Archangel of Beauty and Wisdom. She had everything she could have wanted and never gave the idea of something changing another thought. Not until he suggested it, anyway. And while it was his idea to start things, she was the one who formulated everything. If it weren’t for her, things would have gone even more terribly than they did.

But once they were cast from their home, thrown to the lower realms meant for lesser beings, everything changed. She couldn’t hear the others any longer. They had always been with her before, always speaking to her, always present as a feeling in her spirit. Now that she was here, though, she couldn’t feel them. She couldn’t hear them.

She felt a cold chill brushing over her body and she shuddered as she curled her arms around herself. Dirt and ash covered her skin, and as she slowly rose up she could feel another change.

Jo, your wings. What happened to them?”

She turned her head to look at her crumpled wings and horror and disgust overwhelmed her. No longer were they the brilliant white they once had been. No longer did they shine with the light and beauty of heaven. They were black as coal, the feathers frayed and torn, looking ugly and deformed.

The Archangel of Beauty screamed, a sound that echoed throughout the empty earth. The sound became hollow as she fell once more to the dirt. There is nothing left for us now.


Hot, sweaty bodies pressed together. I don’t even notice if the other is a man or a woman, not that it matters. It’s just a momentary distraction; a release from boredom. I sigh and lie back as I finish, reaching for a cig on the nightstand and lighting it with a flick of my finger.

They settle beside me and run their hand up my arm, seeming to just want to touch me. I shiver faintly and glance at them, raising an eyebrow. They’re looking at me in a strange sort of way, as if expecting something.

You really should loosen up you know,” they say as they run their finger over my arm. “You’re a lot of fun, you know, but you seem so tense. I can’t even tell if you’re even enjoying yourself or not.”

I blink slowly then lie my head back and breath out a puff of smoke. “Dunno what to tell ya.”

Look, we’ve done this more than once now,” they say as they trace a finger over my chest. “I think we should take things to another level.”

I snort and look at them. “I don’t know what next level there is after this.”

Emotionally, I mean. I really like you, and I think I’d like to get to know you better.”

A shudder runs through me and suddenly I can’t stand to feel their touch on me any longer. I grip their wrist and sit up, glaring hard at them. “No, you don’t. We can’t go farther than this.”

They stare at me with wide eyes, looking frightened as I clutch at their arm and I realize I’m squeezing tight enough that I could break their bones if I take it any further. I loosen my grip and stand from the bed, stepping away from them and taking another hit.

You haven’t even told me your name,” they said.

I intend to keep it that way.” And in between one blink and the next I was gone. I don’t know what happened to them, and I don’t care. There’s no reason to get involved any further with anyone. It just makes everything worse.


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