Easter Sunday

“Arise,” Father said, and it was done.

Michael is told to roll the stone away, blinding the guards and driving them off, something he does with far too much glee.

Gabriel is the one entrusted with the message for all who may come. He stands guard, the others watching close nearby, ready with his Father’s words.

“He is not here,” he says to the women, “He has risen, just as He said.”

Oh! if only they had all remembered the prophecies, the words spoken from their Father, the words of the Son Himself, perhaps they could have been spared the heartbreak. Even Gabriel, who knows every inch of the Scriptures like he wrote them himself, had no idea. They knew nothing until their Father spoke the words that raised the Son to life.

The women are frightened of him; this, he understands, and he offers to show them the empty tomb of their Savior so that they may see for themselves. And after, he says, “Go to this place with your friends and tell them, and you will see Him on the way.” For now, with the glow of new life about Him, Gabriel can sense His presence and knows that He will do as Gabriel has told the women.


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