Lent Week 2 – They Watch and Wait

They’ve all been watching Him since birth. It is no secret who He is, and they’ve been instructed not to interfere, but it is so hard. Gabriel wishes he could have been closer, spoken to Him more, spent time with Him… but it is against their Father’s wishes.

So now, they have seen Him grow from a child to a man, and they feel that something is coming.

“The Others are planning something,” Michael says. “We must stop it.”

There is no doubt in their minds that the Others are meddling, as they can see them not far off speaking to one another. Gabriel cannot find fault in that. But he does take issue with the disobedience of their Father’s command, and he says so to Michael.

Michael looks at him as if he’s grown another head. “Of course we must. They are going to do something to Him, and I believe they are going to tempt Him. We must do something immediately before they have the chance.”

Raphael has to this point been silent, merely watching with some disinterest, but at this he scoffs. “How is He to prove His worth if He does not battle evil and win? That is the point I am sure Father is trying to make by keeping us at a distance.”

Michael deflates a little. “Very well. We will watch and wait, and if something goes wrong, we are ready.”


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