Character AMA’s Now Open

We love talking about our characters and just in general finding out new things about them.  So we thought it’d be fun to have an ongoing Ask Me Anything (AMA) thing opened for people to ask whatever they want of our characters and have them answer.

If you wish to ask a question, either leave a comment in this post (or subsequent AMA posts) or send questions via the contact page.  Ask as many as you like, but depending on how many we get – or whether or not we think the questions are good (or if the characters refuse to answer your question) you may not get an answer.

When sending questions via the contact page, please leave what name you want us to use for you as to who answered the question (or specify if you just want to be credited as anonymous).  If you’re asking by commenting on a post, we’ll just use your username.

The characters you can ask questions of are the ones located in the Archangels post and the Others post.  If there are other characters you want to ask questions of (such as characters in stories we’ve posted but that aren’t located in either of the “main character” posts) feel free to do that as well.

Send us your questions and get to know our characters! (And maybe if we get really good questions, Meg might even draw out the answers in a little comic).

the gang



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