Christmas Day

After the shepherds had gone as Michael had told them, he and the others gathered around to watch as the humans went to see the newborn child.  None of them could see the angels though a warm glow filled the otherwise chilly air, enough to keep the weary mother and her child from growing too cold in the night.

Gabriel watched the girl whom he had spoken to and told that this is what would come to pass.  He smiled a little now, seeing her with the child.  She had been so frightened, he could see, but she still obeyed the words of the Lord, even when it could have potentially gotten her killed.  He wished he could go to her now to give her comfort, but Gabriel knew he could not be seen now.

Uriel peered over Michael’s shoulder as they watched the little family and she let out a soft breath.  “I still don’t quite understand why Father is doing this.  It’s so… strange.”

“It is to bring hope to humanity,” Raphael said quietly.  “Though I cannot deny that I find it odd as well.”

“It’s not our place to question Father’s decisions,” Michael said.  “I trust that whatever it is He is planning there’s a good reason for it, even if we can’t yet see it.”

“I suppose so.”  Uriel gazed at the child a little longer as he slept in his mother’s arms.  “They don’t even understand who or what that child is, do they?”

“No,” Gabriel said.  “But in time, they shall learn.  This is only the beginning of Father’s plan, after all.  For now we shall have to watch and see what happens.”



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