Advent Week 4 – Peace

He is the commander of the armies of heaven.

For all of history, he has struck terror into the hearts of men and of demons, even of angels. It was he who destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, who slew the firstborn of Egypt, who led armies of fire and power against the enemies of God. No one who incurred the wrath of God through him has lived to tell about it.

“Perhaps you meant to speak with Gabriel,” he says, bent down on one knee with his head bowed. “I am hardly the most… suitable emissary.”

Father radiates tangible satisfaction. “No, this is a task which only you can do. I trust that you will complete it precisely as intended, and I think it will be good for you.”

There is nothing more that Michael can say, so he does not. He bows low and rises to leave, following the path before him to the hillside. He takes with him a number of his garrison, instructing them on what to say and do, while he prepares himself.

He appears in the full Glory of God, shining brightly around him, and the shepherds are terrified beyond words. But for once, he is not here to incite fear and trembling.

“Fear not,” he says, the air vibrating with power, “for I have come to bring to you joy…”

The other angels join with him, singing, and he feels a peace flow through him. For once, he is not smiting or passing Father’s judgement on the wicked; he is the bearer of peace to earth and the goodwill of Father to humanity.



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