Advent Week 3 – Love

This message is different.

When he takes it from his Father’s hands and holds it close, Gabriel knows in his heart that this will be the turning point of history, though he cannot fathom how or why.

“This is the way things must be,” Father tells him. “I know that it is difficult for you to understand, but you do not see everything as I do, and I must ask that you wait to see what is to come.”

Gabriel cannot see the future; he does not know what fruit these efforts will bear, but he does not question his Father.

So he goes.

She is so young, so innocent, and he fears she will not understand what Father asks of her. “Fear not, I am the messenger of the Lord,” he says. He tells her what lies in store for her, gives her proof of his words. Though he knows that she is troubled, she gives no protest.

“I am the servant of the Lord,” she says, her head bowed.

He is to leave her after this, but Gabriel remains hidden in the shadows, watching. How could a mere human be worthy to carry the Son of God? How could she possibly understand the burden which has been laid upon her?

In Heaven, he cannot help but ask, “Is this not… strange to you?”

Father smiles down on him and takes his hand. “Child, Love is strange.”



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