Short Story – To See Her Joy

Just some fluff with Vlad and Uriel.  Enjoy these two hopeless romantics. ~Vera

I’ve never seen anyone like her before. She lights up the room just by smiling and her laugh is like music floating through the air. Such words are often used for those who have fallen in love, it’s true, but in her case all of that was entirely accurate. Perhaps that’s because she’s an angel, an archangel in fact.

Our first meeting I got to see all the power and fury of such a being and I knew I didn’t want to get on her bad side. However, as I spent more time with her, I got to see other parts of her as well. Her curiosity. Her innocence. Her wonder at the world around her, wanting to know about everything and understand it. Despite the fact that she is far, far older than me, she reminds me of a child and I can’t help but smile when I watch her.

She completed her mission in destroying terrible demons, which I had aided her in doing, but once she had finished, she decided to stay. She had nothing else to do for the time being and she was curious about me. I was curious about her as well. After all, I had been fully expecting her to slay me, for I too was a monster; one of the worst monsters in history, or so the world likes to say.

But she took my hand and looked me in the eye and she told me that no, I wasn’t a monster, at least not anymore. I didn’t know what to say to that. She had only just met me, but who was I to deny the words of an archangel? Surely she could see something in me that no one else could, not even I.

We enjoyed each others’ company and spent more and more time together. We talked, we explored the forest together, and we showed each other what the other was capable of. As I watched her, something struck me about her. She was beautiful and graceful and she found wonder in the smallest of things. She lit up my whole world.

All I wanted was to make her happy, to see that glow upon her face. It seemed that I had to do nothing more but to look at her to make her smile. To hold her hand to make her light up with glee. I always wanted to be with her, to feel the warmth of her glow around me. And, it seemed, she wanted the same.

We were always together after that. Holding each others’ hand, whispering words of affection to one another. I had truly never felt the way I did with her. It was an all new experience for me, one I very much wanted to go on. There was nothing more beautiful than her smile in all the world that I had seen.

She said the same of me. She said I was the most beautiful soul she had ever met. I had a hard time believing that, considering what I was, what I had done. But that didn’t matter to her. My past wasn’t an issue for her, but rather who I am now. Never before had I met someone like that. I couldn’t explain how it made me felt. Even though I believed her, I still struggled with it deep down. I’m a monster, but to her I was simply a beautiful, gentle beast.

I took her to a garden and watched her wander through it, gazing at all the flowers and smelling their sweet scents. I enjoyed just watching her, seeing that childlike wonder on her face. She turned back to me and smiled, then she held her hand out to me. I took her hand, interlacing our fingers together and pulling her a little closer to me.

What are you thinking, love?” she asked in a quiet voice, rubbing her thumb against the back of my hand.

Only how beautiful you are,” I said with a smile. “There’s nothing more I want than to see the joy on your face just from living.”

She gazed up at me with her bright eyes then leaned up on her toes to press a kiss to my lips, whispering, “Nothing makes me more joyful than being with you, my love.”


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