Advent Week 2 – Joy

“Father, I wish to know something.”

“Of course, child, what is it?”

She gazes up at Him with a bit of uncertainty in her eyes. There have been many times where her Father planned things that didn’t always make sense to her. This, however, was perhaps the strangest thing she had ever heard. “Why are You doing things this way?”

He smiles at her and holds His hand out to her. “You wish to know?”

She nods once, gently resting her hand in her Father’s. “It is strange to me and I don’t quite understand. Isn’t there an easier way to do this?”

“Easier doesn’t always mean better, Uriel. I believe that this is the best course of action. Things have been set in motion from long ago in the human world. It will come to pass.”

“I understand that,” she says, a bit hesitant. “But why… why in this way?”

A thoughtful look comes over His face, then He says, “Perhaps because I wish to see just what it’s like to be one of them.”

Uriel startles a little, her eyes widening. “Shouldn’t You know that already?” she asks cautiously.

“To take on a human flesh and limit myself to the mortal plain shall be an entirely new experience, even for me. It is to grow closer to them, to see their struggles, to know exactly why they need this, and to show them that. That is why I am doing this. Do you understand now?”

Uriel searches His features for a moment, then turns her eyes down. “Maybe. It’s still… strange to me.”

He lifts her chin to gaze into her eyes once more. “Tell me, the times you have walked the earth as if you were one of them. What did you see? What did it make you feel?”

She stares at Him, taking a moment to ponder His question. “I’ve seen and felt many things. Many of the people I have met have felt despair and hopelessness. But others have felt the opposite, especially when they see one of us coming to them. Even in the midst of their hardships they stay true to what they know to be right.”

He smiles and nods. “It is for that reason. Many have lost hope, and feel there is nothing left. They feel other gods are coming in and taking control. I wish to show them something new.”

Uriel sighs a little. “I do miss the times when they would openly praise and celebrate in Your name. I quite enjoyed that.” She closes her eyes and a smile comes to her lips. “Or even just watching them when they quietly sit and bask in the beauty of the world.”

“Such a time will come again,” He tells her with a smile. “I will help them feel joy once more, even if it just be in those quiet moments.”



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