Advent Week 1 – Hope

“Should this not be carried by Gabriel?” I ask. Gabriel, the favored child, Father’s chosen messenger. “I am hardly the most… capable of accomplishing that which you have given me.”

He casts His gaze upon me and smiles. “You would do well to learn from this prophet,” He says. “‘Here I am, Lord, send me.’ I think you are the only one to whom I would entrust this particular message.”

I do not voice my doubts, but I am certain He hears and knows them. “Very well, Father. I will do as You ask.”

The prophet seems surprised to see me. “Not that I should complain, but why have you come instead of the messenger?”

“This is a message that I am uniquely qualified to deliver,” I say, though I still do not quite believe it. I gesture to where he is seated on the floor. “May I?”

He makes room for me, and when I am seated, I reach out to touch his forehead. I have never before delivered the words of my Father in such a fashion, and it is with hesitation that I open the prophet’s mind to the words he is to write.

They are simple, poetic, the likes of which I have heard from my Father on other occasions. Something about this message in particular intrigues me, sends a small chill into my spine and through my wings. “Have you any idea what it means?” I ask when I am finished.

“Sometimes I do,” the prophet says slowly, looking at me with an interest I find mildly unnerving. “I think this is too vague for me to truly give you any answer, but perhaps…”

I lean forward. “Perhaps what?”

The prophet inhales deeply. “Perhaps this child will give them the hope for which they so desperately pray.”

I am unsure of this, but I do not argue with him. “If I knew more, I would tell you,” I say. “This is yet a mystery to me as well.”

For unto us a child is born
Unto us a son is given
And the government shall be upon his shoulders
And his name shall be called:
Wonderful counselor, almighty God,
The everlasting Father, the prince of peace



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