Drabble Dump #5 – Rage

Drabbles written to different prompts by both Megstiel and Vera.

“DARLING, I WANT TO DESTROY YOU” // Jophiel {background Uriel/Vlad}

Jophiel watches them from afar.

They are disgustingly affectionate with one another even as animals, touching noses, little nudges, soft chirping. Uriel bounds away in a game of chase, and the vampire follows her, its true nature veiled by the form of a wolf. Jophiel knows better, sees the monster underneath.

She thinks it would be fun to turn them against each other and watch them destroy one another.

As they disappear over the top of a hill, she murmurs under her breath, “Darling, I want to destroy you.”

And she will.

BLOOD RAGE // Uriel/Vlad

She had only seen it once before, and even then she had only seen the aftermath.  Still, when it happened this time, somehow she knew exactly what it was.  As she looked into his eyes, she could see they were changing.  Within seconds they were red as blood, and she knew what was about to come next.

The cries and screams of so many horrible creatures filled the air, and for the longest time she could do nothing but stand there and watch in fascination and horror.  Flecks of crimson flew past her, staining the trees and the ground around them.  She watched him as he let loose his raw, untamed strength, destroying and devouring any living thing that dared get in his way.

When there was nothing left, he turned his eyes back to her and her heart nearly stopped.  That look in his eyes was something she had never seen in him before.  They were hungry, and as he took a step toward her she realized that she wouldn’t be spared from his spell unless she did something to stop him.

He rushed toward her at top speed and she stood her ground.  Even though she could have made herself and impenetrable wall, she let him grab her and knock her to the ground.  His hand curled around the back of her neck and gripped her tightly and he opened his jaws wide.  His fangs, larger and sharper than she had ever seen them, were still dripping with blood.

With a shaky breath, Uriel pressed her hand against his chest, right over his heart and whispered, “It’s me, love.  You can stop now.  Please, just let me help you.”

DEAD WRONG 1 // Lucifer

“What is this?” she whispered, her eyes wide with horror.  “What have you… did you kill those people?”

“Do you see anyone else holding a murder weapon and covered entirely with blood?” he said with a wicked grin on his face.

“No, no, this can’t be true.  You’re not… you can’t be… I thought that you-”

“That I what?” he said, stepping closer to her.  “That I was a good person?  That I could never be a horrible killer?  Is that what you thought of me even after so many people warned you not to get close to me?”

She swallowed hard and said quietly, “I thought you loved me.”

He closed his eyes and when he opened them again they looked like two black pits.  “Oh, my dear, I’m afraid you were dead wrong.”  He braced his arm around the back of her neck and plunged the knife into her.

DEAD WRONG 2 // Jophiel+Vlad

“You’re more trouble than you’re worth,” Jophiel hissed.  She spun the dagger in her hand and slashed it across the vampire’s throat.  He gasped as blood spilled out of him, his body shuddering for a moment before he went completely still.

Jophiel sighed and wiped her blade off, turning away from him.  “And I so was looking forward to playing with you some more.  I simply don’t have the patience for you when you’re going to be so uncooperative.  Still, this will do.  Uriel will be devastated when she finds you there.”

“No, I really don’t think she will be,” a gravelly voice said.  Jophiel whirled around with wide eyes, gripping her dagger tighter.  Vlad’s wounds had healed and his eyes were glowing the color of blood.

“I thought I killed you,” she hissed.

“Yeah, well you were dead wrong,” Vlad said with a wicked grin.


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