Drabble Dump #4 – Paranoia

These drabbles were all written to various prompts; Vera and Megstiel each picked different ones and wrote them along similar themes.

PARANOIA // Lucifer

The best and worst part of After is the silence. Lucifer cannot deny that he relieved to be alone in his mind, but he finds that he would rather not be alone with his thoughts. At least before he could sense Haniel and Jophiel and, if not speak to them directly, at least keep them in the background.

He finds a hiding place on a roof, powering up the little iPod in his pocket. The shuffle choice seems appropriate: ‘lonely is the night.’ And it will continue to be lonely; neither Jo nor Haniel has sought him out for comfort or communication.

Perhaps his sister had only used him to take what she wanted before ridding herself of him.

The music continues, and Lucifer finds he is drawn to the lyrics. ‘The man is on the prowl’—he will not be caught off guard, not by Jo, not by Michael, and certainly not by Father, who is locked away where He can do nothing but watch. Lucifer is the new God, and he will not be cast aside, not this time.


Lightning crackles over the sky as Michael sits perched on the ledge of humanity’s attempt at a modern Tower of Babel. He believes they are called skyscrapers. They reach even higher than the tower of their ancestors, and he wishes he could understand their reasons for building such structures. Perhaps they are, like the mortals of old, attempting to touch their God, seeking enlightenment through their own means.

Michael has never before prayed to his Father and not received an answer in return. He has taken it for granted; he pitied the humans who would never receive a direct reply from their God. Now, in the silence of his mind, he is beginning to understand the desire.

NIGHTMARE // Damen+Dusk

It hurts.  It hurts so much.  Make it stop, please just make it stop.

“But don’t you understand?  This will never stop.  You’re mine.  You’ve been mine since you were but a child.  You don’t really think it’s going to stop just because you beg, do you?”

Head aches.  Mind throbs.  Please, I just want to sleep.  Just let me sleep.

“Well, perhaps I can let you sleep, but you have to give me something in return.  Just the use of your body.  It won’t matter if you’re not using it anyway, right?”

No, you can’t.  Please, don’t.  Leave me alone.  Leave my family alone.

Oh, I would never hurt your precious little family.  I just need a little bit of time.  After all, I don’t get to experience your world very often.  You’re my ticket to freedom, at least for a little while.  So just close your eyes and go to sleep.  Let go of yourself.  The pain will all go away, I promise.”

No, no, you can’t have my body.  You can’t-

Too late for that now, Damen.  Try to have sweet dreams.”

BREATHE AGAIN // Michael+Father

Something led him away from the heavenly light that has guided him for his entire existence. Raphael thinks it is rage, tells him someone will get hurt if he continues to veer away from their Father. Uriel refuses to speak with him. Gabriel breathes in, words clearly on his lips, but he turns away with a sigh, and Michael has to wonder if he stays his tongue because the message is his own and not from Father.

He cannot bring himself to care that Raphael was right—they were all right. He is too consumed by the turmoil in his mind to do anything but prostrate himself on the ground, breathless and dry-mouthed.

His soul is drained; he has nowhere else to go, no desire to live. He wishes he could stop. But he doesn’t have the strength to lift his eyes to the Throne and beg for forgiveness. Father already knows what he is thinking, so there is no point in even bothering.

A hand touches his chin, brings his face up to look into the light. Father gazes at him with an expression Michael cannot name; He lays a hand on his cheek and murmurs,

“Child, it is time to breathe again.”


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