Art Roundup #2 – Various

Today on the blog, we have Art Roundup #2, still all drawn by Megstiel.



Lucifer and Caroline are the very strange pairing that cropped up in the fourth wall entirely by accident. You’ll have to wait and see how they meet in canon, but in the fourth wall, they like to make everyone incredibly uncomfortable. It’s an art form.

(Lucifer belongs to Meg, Caroline belongs to Vera)

Raphael & Erin


Raphael hates literally everyone, even his own siblings most of the time. (They’re too obnoxious for his liking, though he does harbor some fondness for Gabriel.) He answered Erin’s prayer in a hospital and spotted her on the way out, sitting down to talk to her for awhile. They both like sitting quietly and reading quietly; somehow, Raphael grows attached to her (and she adores him). He might be something of a pacifist, but hurt Erin, and he will raise hell to punish the perpetrator.

(Raphael belongs to Meg, Erin belongs to Vera)

Vlad & Mina


Vlad: terrifying Vampire Lord with a bloody and gruesome past. Mina: small child who adopts him as her best friend approximately ten seconds after he tries to scare her in a dark basement. She totally has him wrapped around her little finger, and he spoils her. They make a good match.

(Both these characters belong to Vera)

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