Misc – Animal Forms

When this idea was first conceived, it would have just been listed as a “crack” post, because we never meant for it to be a serious thing.  But somehow it became canon.  And that kind of stuff just keeps happening, to be perfectly honest.  So you may be seeing more ridiculous things showing up in-canon.

This just started out as a dumb, silly little idea like you see all over the internet: an animal AU where all the characters of fuzzy animals of some sort.  Except we took it a step further to explain why they would be animals.  The angels can technically take any physical form they wish to, so the idea of them turning into animals is not at all inconceivable.  So we started thinking of what animal they would all be most likely to turn into the most based on their personalities.  And then it became a thing.  So here are all of the characters’ animal forms, for your indulgence.  (Also yes, Vlad is in this list too because he can, in fact, shapeshift along with the angels.)

Father is a lion.  Obvious symbolism is obvious.  Lions are seen as brave, stoic creatures, and you really don’t want to mess with them, but at the same time there can be a gentleness to them.  Also, this goes without saying but… Aslan.



Chamuel, the guardian of Eden, is a Doberman Pinscher dog.  A stoic, fearsome guard dog ready to take down anything in his path that may have ill-intent.




catMichael’s main animal form is that of a medium sized black cat.  He’s that type of cat that just goes around acting like it owns everything and everything has to be on his terms or he will probably scratch your face off.  He also likes pushing things over while looking you right in the eye, just daring you to do something about it.

His other form is that of a velociraptor, like from Jurassic Park.  He mainly only uses that form when he is hunting down demons and wishes to terrify them some first.

pantherLucifer is a black panther (leopard/jaguar, we know there’s technically no such thing as just a panther but whatever).  A much larger version of Michael’s cat form, in a sense.  He’s intimidating just from a first glance, but the more you watch him you start to question whether or not he might actually do something to you, or if he’s just playing.


maine coonRaphael is a Maine Coon cat.  He’s quiet and somewhat standoffish, though he can be quite loving and affectionate with the right person.  Generally pretty chill, but when you make him angry, he’s big and scary and you need to get the hell out of there or else.  Can heal people by laying next to them and purring.



foxUriel is a fox, right down to the ginger fur.  She’s playful and energetic and just seems to want to have fun all around, plus she just enjoys looking cute.  Will on occasion be a velociraptor with Michael as well, but mostly when they’re going on hunts together.



tigerJophiel is a golden tiger.  A creature of great beauty, but also terrible strength and predatory instincts.  You do not want to be caught in her line of sight.




bearGabriel is a black bear.  He might look large and intimidating at first, but he’s rather chill and doesn’t really want to get involved in much if he can avoid it, though if you threaten the ones he loves, he will absolutely destroy you. (Also, he will eat you out of house and home.)


crowHaniel is a crow.  Seems to be quite curious, rather annoying, fiercely loyal, and holds grudges.  Will probably peck out your eyes just for fun.



kittenCecil is a small white and ginger kitten.  Generally speaking, all he wants to do is make people happy, so being small and adorable will do just that.




batCynder (specifically when he’s Fallen) is a vampire bat.  He comes in quietly, luring his prey into a false sense of security using gentleness and affection, ultimately numbing them from what he’s about to do in slowly feeding off them and draining their life away little by little.



wolfVlad is a big black wolf.  He can survive on his own, and often does wander on his own, but he thrives the most in a pack that he can lead.  He owns the forest, he’s a perfect hunter with great precision and strategy.


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