Art Roundup #1 – Uriel/Vlad

May 24, 2016: the exact day Vera and I discovered we were way in over our heads. Not only did we merge our two universes into the colossal project you see before you, but also her Vampire Lord and my archangel unceremoniously decided they were going to be dating.

Behold, Vlad and Uriel, the actual snarkiest and sappiest couple ever.

Their first exchange outside of canon went a little something like this (edited for clarity and to remove the ridiculous meta nature of the entire exchange):

Dusk: *Slowly begins to sneak away*
Vlad: *Grips Dusk’s shoulder* No.
Dusk: expletive censored

Uriel: -sits back on heels and smirks- The sexy vampire is gonna kick your ass.
Lucifer: -chokes-

Dusk: Please don’t say that.
Vlad: *Grasps Dusk’s shoulder tighter* You know, there’s a reason they used to call me the impaler.

Lucifer: -smirks- But what kind–
Uriel: Finish that sentence and I will end you.

Vlad: *Sharp glance at Lucifer* Would you also like to find out?
Dusk: *Shakes head* You don’t, trust me. You could survive it but it would still be… awful.

Lucifer: -holds up hands- I’m good.

Dusk: *Cracks neck* I assure you, it was an accident.
Vlad: *Doesn’t look convinced*

Lucifer: It was only a little an accident.

Vlad: *Shoves Dusk against the wall and stomps over to us, glances at Uriel and nods his head as a seemingly silent thanks*

Uriel: -nods back-


Vlad: *Leans toward Uriel and murmurs* So, you think I’m sexy?

Uriel: -grin- For an old man, you’re looking pretty good.

Vlad: Technically speaking, you’re even older than me, so I could say the same.

Uriel: -leans against the wall- We’re two of a kind, aren’t we?

Vlad: I suppose, in a manner of speaking. We’re both immortals.


–and the rest was history


“What is it you always say? Be not afraid, for I am with you?”

“My Father says, you mean. Harder to put into practice than it looks.”

“True, but the sentiment is nice. Maybe if you just close your eyes and stay quiet, you’ll be able to feel not quite so alone.”

“I know, and–being alone is so hard. You know.”

“I know, very much. You have me, so you don’t have to be alone.”


“What was it you were saying? I’m afraid I’m not familiar with that language.”

“It’s Enochian, the language of the angels. Very few outside our number understand it.”

“I see. So what were you saying, then?”

“Some blessings and some nonsense. But mostly outward declarations of my love for you. Enochian is very powerful that way.”

I… did feel something as you spoke.”

“That’s generally how it works.”



“Ever tried sleep before? I find it quite refreshing, myself, even if I don’t require it.”

“When I’ve needed peace or healing, I have. Otherwise I meditate, which does much the same, I think. Only less comfortably.”

“Though I haven’t done it in some time, sleeping with another person is an entirely different experience in and of itself.”

“Different experience, hmm?”

“Intimacy makes for more restful sleep, usually. And I mean actually sleeping, that’s not a code word for something else.”

“I wasn’t thinking that’s what you meant. I’m not all fun and innuendo all the time.”

“Well. Hopefully we can put all this unpleasantness behind us.”

“Tomorrow’s a new day. We can worry about it then.”


2 responses to “Art Roundup #1 – Uriel/Vlad

  1. I shall have to see more of them before I can completely decide if I ship the thing or not. BUt these little exchanges are nice and…sappy. 😛 And I must say that the art is lovely, as always, dears.


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