The Plot

Of Beauty and Rage originally started from two different stories (each by separate authors), which – after a whole lot of world building world building – were later combined into the same universe, and things escalated from there.  Now we have one huge angel!verse with way too many stories in it.

Within the series are a bunch of different story arcs that have specific characters and themes tying them together.  There are also two parts to the whole series which we’ve called Phase I and Phase II.  Each phase also has a distinct theme to it.

Series Premise
A guardian angel is faced with a terrible decision; a fallen angel starts learning how to love.  The archangels of heaven all come to earth on separate assignments and each finds something – or rather someone – that makes it difficult for them to go home.  A small family is caught up in the middle of it all and they see how truly beautiful – and terrifying – angels can be.


When all hope looks lost in the world, a guardian angel comes to those who don’t know where else to go.  But these guardians are not without their own problems and sometimes it’s their charges who end up helping them.

Back Alley Angels
When each of the archangels goes to earth, they find themselves drawn into the affairs of humanity.  Gabriel brings a message to a priest, Uriel protects a young girl who is seeing visions, Raphael meets a dying child, and Michael helps to perform an exorcism.  None of them were expecting what was to happen during their time there.

Love Leaves a Mark
Sometimes you don’t feel like you’ve truly been living until you find that special person who just lights up your world.  It’s a strange feeling and you’re not entirely sure what it is.  It’s wonderful and terrible and frightening and painful all at the same time.  And then you realize: it’s love.


The devil gets around and when he decides to stop by and pay you a visit, rarely does anyone get out alive.  Humans are foolish and easily deceived, so you should be careful who you trust.  After all, the devil was once an angel.

When everything’s said and done, it seems all of this has been leading up to something big; something nobody has noticed until it was too late.  Blood will be spilled and the gates will be closed as the sky turns to ash and the moon turned to blood.  The end is near.


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