Start Here!

We realize that starting a potentially life-consuming web series may be overwhelming at first; don’t worry, this post is here to help. Here we explain the different aspects of the blog and how everything’s going to work.

Novel chapters will be posted once a week unless the work is significantly longer than average, in which case twice a week.  Please note that, while we will be attempting to space things out so we have content for as long as possible, there may be periods when we’ve run out of things to post because we’re still in the process of actually working on them.  If that happens we’ll do our best to post other content in a larger story’s absence.

(Disclaimer: most of the longer stories we post will be first drafts. Both of us have lengthy editing periods (like, years) that don’t really lend themselves to regular posting.)

Intro Posts
Synopsis, content warnings, characters, a general rundown of each story before posting chapters to let you figure out if you’re interested.

Art, Cast, Drabbles, Misc., News, Novels, Short Stories. Each novel work will have its own subcategory so you can see all the posted chapters at once.  There are also character categories so if you want to find things with specific characters or pairings, you can just look through that category.  Characters that appear in novel-length works will only be tagged in the intro posts rather than in every single chapter.

We also have a Pinterest (very active) and a Tumblr (not so active yet), if you’re interested!

And finally, check out the plot and cast posts (archangels and others) before you start reading to give you an idea of what sorts of stories you’re in for.  If you want to know more about each individual author, check the bio page for more info.  We hope you stick around and find something you like.


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