The Archangels

The Archangels are the main focus of this story. While there are 8 in total, not all of them are necessarily present at all times. There are four main angels focused on in the stories as the “protagonists”. Here’s a little bit of info about all of them (in descending order of rank: most to least powerful). All the Archangels belong to Megstiel, though Vera helped with a lot of the character development.

Who Sees God

Guardian of the Garden of Eden, keeping out all those who wish to enter with a flaming sword in his hand. He is the most powerful of the archangels, which is why he was given such an important job to do.  He is rarely seen due to his post, though the other angels will often come to him for council – even those who are Fallen.

Who is Like God

The commander of heaven’s armies, the Sword of God, the strongest archangel in heaven. He’s a cunning leader and powerful warrior who often goes out to slay demons.  Though he’s usually calm and collected, he has a tendency to get overly emotional at times and will often take the policy of “kill first, ask questions later”.

Samael Lucifer
Venom of God The Morning Star

Once the brightest angel in all of heaven, he rebelled against his Father and was cast down to earth as punishment for his betrayal. Known as the Accuser, seducer, and destroyer, all he wants is to create chaos wherever he goes. He knows just what to say to get people to trust him and will then completely destroy them.


9ec798715ee9995c43c3972f77529ebaGod Heals

A healer and supplier of knowledge. He is less likely to get personally involved in any situation that he sees, unless otherwise told to by Father. Generally has a chill attitude but if you upset him enough, nothing can get in his way of completely eviscerating the offender.


0ec9f2d62ac1e0fe93c2ca774d287ae4Beauty of God

Once the archangel of beauty and knowledge, she is now Fallen like Lucifer. Though Lucifer was the one who initially suggested the idea of rebellion, she went along with him and essentially masterminded the whole thing. Cold and calculating, she’s the brains behind Lucifer’s blind ambition.


Light of God

Though she is a warrior like Michael is, she takes a bit more care than he does.  She takes care to understand the things and creatures around her rather than just blindly storming in and destroying things.  She is kind and gentle, though you certainly don’t want to get on her bad side.  She also quite enjoys getting into certain amounts of mischief, either teaming up with Michael to do so, or doing everything she can to annoy him.

Grace of God

Another Fallen archangel.  They followed Jophiel loyally when she and Lucifer orchestrated the rebellion and they were also cast out of heaven.  They generally enjoy the guilty pleasures of humanity: sex, drugs, and spilling blood.  For the most part they’re apathetic to everything, only doing as they please to cure boredom, though when Jophiel asks them to do something, they won’t stop until it’s done.

God is My Strength

God’s Messenger and commander of a garrison of guardian angels. He often plays mediator between his siblings’ bickering and somehow always knows just what to say to help people. Though he’s generally a pacifist, he will fiercely protect those who are in danger and, just like the rest of his siblings, you certainly do not want to get on his bad side.


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