The Others

While the Archangels may be the main focus of these stories, they wouldn’t be anywhere without their supporting cast. Here’s a list of everyone else that plays a major role in the story at large.  Note: Most of these characters are Vera’s, though a couple of them (Father and Oliver) are Megstiel’s.

4b5ae2b729e0a20473353b5307edfae9He is the Creator of everything in the entire universe. As much as humans like to assume things from some rather vague and metaphorical writings that He inspired, He is not so uptight like people think He is. He makes all the dad jokes and enjoys teasing His kids, especially Michael. As in the way of fathers, He loves all his children; even when they wrestle with doubts and fears, He never turns them away. Impartial and commanding.

94ef93820738858d57e96968e808b839A guardian angel under Gabriel’s command.  He always tries to help those that are in need in any way he can, wanting to understand their troubles and do everything he can to comfort them in their time of need.  He can be a little too sensitive at times and get too caught up in other peoples’ problems, and at one point this led him to have serious doubts about himself and slide into a deep depression where a demon was able to take advantage of him.

ce74de2f5979d7f227006fc1e77155a2A fallen angel in Jophiel’s garrison.  He was at one point so close to Cecil that they referred to each other as brothers, even while being part of different garrisons.  When he fell, that bond was severed, though they met again at one point.  Cecil thought he could see something in Cynder worth saving, and eventually he was proven right.  Cynder returned to heaven and, after much healing of his spirit, joined Raphael’s garrison to become a healer.

7bd5bf7e2c660140775c07904e8c7762A famous — or rather infamous — figure in both history and fiction.  Vlad Dracula was one of the most terrible men during the Crusades, gaining the nickname “the impaler”.  Long after his death, the witch Elizabeth Bathory resurrected him and turned him into the most powerful Vampire Lord to ever exist. He currently resides in the basement of the Van Helsing household as their guardian, occasionally going out to slay feral vampires he sees as a threat to humanity.

75284de434ae846ac9763a78d8680190A young vampire living on the streets of New York, he works as a prostitute to pay the rent.  He generally abstains from drinking blood as he finds the idea repulsive.  Though he’s one of the weakest vampires you would ever meet, he’s still stronger than a normal human even if he looks like a twig.  Though he pretends not to care about other peoples’ troubles, he will defend those who need his help, even if he doesn’t want to get too close to anyone.

30d1b0e6bb7e6ebf7a537e25698271bdA wife and mother who works as a journalist.  She’s a devout Christian, though she prefers not to flounce that fact around or push it down peoples’ throats.  She has keen intuition to the point of it being a slight supernatural sensitivity.  She has a strong will and a sharp tongue and won’t back down when someone is trying to bully her.  She loves deeply and would do anything for her family.


df4093276c5ef17483bbf0d687dc9259Husband to Caroline and a great doctor.  Though he had a hard childhood, everything seemed to change for him when he met Caroline in college.  He loves his wife and daughter and would do anything for them.  Though he doesn’t share in his wife’s beliefs, he is not completely closed to the idea of supernatural beings, particularly because he has a nightmare living in his head.  This nightmare, known as Dusk, feeds off of Damen, often sending him into deep bouts of depression, but Caroline helps to keep him grounded.

9778f566b403133771793944a6ceb0d3Daughter to Caroline and Damen.  She was born with a strong supernatural sensitivity and can see things no one else can.  This often leads her to being bullied by other children and because of this she doesn’t have any friends.  She can see angels and demons around her when no one else can and it terrifies her.


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